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California State Symbols

State Animal: Grizzly Bear - The Grizzly Bear appears on the State Flag and the Great seal, but is now extinct in California.

State Bird: California Quail - The California Quail, noted for its strength and adaptability, is found throughout the state.

State Colors: Yale Blue and Golden Yellow - The Blue and Gold ribbons which are used to adorn the Great State Seal, are also the spirit colors of the prestigious University of California education system.

State Dance: The West Coast Swing - This dance form came into being in the early 1930's in response to the new era of music that was sweeping the nation.

State Fish: California Golden Trout - This trout species (Salmo agua-bonita) is only found in the icy streams of the High Sierra and is native to no other state.

State Flag: The Bear Flag - The great flag was first raised in 1846 by American settlers during an uprising against Mexican rule. Although the California Republic - which the flag represented - was short lived, the flag still symbolizes love of freedom and perseverance.

State Flower: Golden Poppy - The Golden Poppy can be found thriving in some part of the state throughout the year.

State Fossil: The Saber-toothed Cat - The fossilized remains of this meat-eating cat are abundantly found in southern California at the Rancho La Brea tarpits.

State Gemstone: Benitoite - This spectacular sapphire blue gemstone is found in gem quality crystals at only one site in the entire world, at a small deposit in a remote area of the Diablo range in San Benito, California. It is one of the world's rarest and most beautiful gems.

State Marine Mammal: California Gray Whale - The majestic California Gray Whale measures 30 to 50 feet in length and weighs up to 40 tons. Whales can be sighted during their annual 14,000 mile migration from the Arctic to the lagoons of Baja California and back, December through April.

State Mineral: Native Gold - California has produced more gold than any other state in the union and it can still be found in stream beds.

State Motto: Eureka! The Greek word meaning "I have found it," refers to the great discovery of gold in 1848.

State Nickname: The Golden State - This name is highly appropriate because California's development and remarkable prosperity began with the discovery of gold.

State Reptile: The Desert Tortoise - An endangered species, it lives to be 100-125 years old and is a California native, contemporary to the Wooly Rhinoceros and the Mammoth.

State Rock: Serpentine

State Tree: The California Redwood - The California Redwood, which can be found in both Coastal and Sierra provinces of the Golden State, is among the most ancient of all living things in the world. These giant trees exist in large forested areas predominantly in California.

State Song: I Love You, California I -Love You, California, written by F.B. Silverwood, was designated the state song in 1951 and became official in 1988.

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